5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Website and Content for SEO

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services-search-engine-optimizationImplementing SEO on your company website can seem overwhelming at first. To make the complex process simpler, start with these quick and easy steps to get you on your way to being a SEO guru.

1. Include a keyword in your domain name

Whenever possible, include a keyword in your domain name. If you already have a domain name that you are using, feel free to read this section, but don’t feel that you need to scrap your current domain and start over. This step is ideal, but it’s understandable that it’s not always realistic.

2. Write Great, Unique Content

The key to any successful business is strong, unique content that highlights the service or product you offer. Throughout your content, you’re sure to naturally include keywords that directly relate to your content. For example, if you are selling styles of coats, I’m sure you would obviously use the keyword ‘coat’ but also ‘jacket,’ ‘raincoat,’ or even ‘goose down jacket.’ These keywords are what search engines look for when they index, or categorize, your content and web pages. The more thorough and clear you are with your messaging, the better the search engine will be able to categorize and rank your content. You’ll want to avoid overusing a single keyword or select keywords or search engines may mistake your content for spam.

3. Name Your Web Pages Carefully

Similar to the strategy of having great descriptive content, you’ll want to make sure your web pages are named appropriately as well. The titles of your web pages tell the search engine what the page is about. You’ll want to include a keyword or two in your web page name as appropriate, but the name, or title, also needs to be engaging enough to interest your potential readers if they were to see it in a search engine list (ranking). If the title or web page name has more than 70 characters, it may not show up completely when it is indexed in search rankings.

4. SEO Your URLs

The part of the url that you want to focus on for SEO is the part of the website address that comes after ‘mywebsite.com/.” For example, if your website address is ‘mywebsite.com/alphabetsoup,’ “alphabetsoup” would be where you would want to focus. If you are using WordPress, your URLs may be called ‘permalinks.’ The purpose again is to make it easier for search engines to see what your content is about and to make it more ‘clickable’ for readers when the url shows up in search results. While this may seem obvious, it is very important. If your page name contains a number of low impact words, such as ‘an,’ ‘a,’ or ‘or,’ it would be best to exclude them from the tail end of the url. So a web page titles “How to Make Delicious Alphabet Soup” would simply be named mywebsite.com/alphabetsoup.

5. Make Your Internal Links Descriptive

Having your internal links, the links that take a reader from one page to another within your website, be descriptive text instead of images will make your website rank higher than if you used images alone for your internal links. In some cases, it may seem like the best choice for an internal link is to link from the words “click here” or “learn more.” If that’s the case, then you are actually better off linking internally through an image and using the title tag of that image to be more descriptive. Please note that this is not recommending that you stuff the title tag of the image with keywords because search engines will catch onto that and may even penalize your content.


If this all seems confusing, let us know! We’d love to help.

Questions or success stories? Share in the comments below.

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